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Our Story

Twin Maple Sugarworks is owned and operated by Don and Jodi Gale with the help of countless neighbors and friends. We began our family owned maple sugaring operation in 1998 in Lincoln, Vermont. It began simply, with the two twin maple trees in our backyard. Since the early days Twin Maple has grown into a 6,500 tap operation. For 2016 we're looking at upwards of 80,000 gallons of sap to be boiled into thousands of gallons of maple syrup.

Twin Maple is an eco-conscious operation. Turning sap into syrup is all about energy. In the old days sugarers would burn acres forest in the form of wood heat. Now, we use an RO (reverse osmosis) to concentrate our sugar, which allows us to use electricity instead of fossil fuels. We buy our kilowatt power from a neighbor with a solar panel. Our boiler is powered by firewood, harvested sustainably from local foreststhat we hand split and stack.